Why Is Magrib Special?

Location: Mesjid Agung Kutacane, Aceh Tenggara

Surah An-Naba' verse 10 : Waja'alnaa allayla libaasaa; And (We) made the night as clothing. 

Magrib or in Arabic مَغْرِب (sunset) is one of praying time. Magrib time is very short, so that’s why mom and dad even teacher always remind me to not take easy the praying time.

When I was child, all of people advice by unusual way, I have thought it unusual when I’m adult. When magrib time comes, I’m not supposed to play outside the house. Even when I’m adult, I’m still reminded to not to do that. Almost whenever I hang out outside house, as if my mom is bored to replay her message. What’s does she say?
“It’s not good coming home late for girl. Go home before dusk.”

I’m educated in school and Islamic education, so there is no reason for me to disobey the rule. In fact it is a message that must be obeyed.

So, what thing that makes magrib becomes special?

When sun sets and sky slowly becomes dark. Azan is a calling that must be listened and replied. If not, Nar is waiting to put in the hot iron into the right ear till stabs to the left ear. Nauzubillah.

Besides that, when magrib comes near, the movement of Syaithan becomes faster. Syaithan will be easy to permeate and lure by many ways. One of them, people’s eyes are neglected to enjoy shopping in market and ignore the praying time in the traffic jam. Unfortunately, the short time can be lured by Syaithan to keep warm with friends.

In surah An-Naba`, the night is like clothes, because the dark night which covers up the universe just like clothes cover human body. It means, we as human can take a rest by covering and feel comfortable. 

Truthfully, Allah has arranged our time as well as the using of it. Morning is the time for working and then night is for resting. I’m reminded by teacher in 24 hours which is given by Him to be used as well as possible. There are 8 hours for working, 8 hours for praying, and thelast 8 hours for resting.

I become loving my mother more. She usually reminds me after coming home from school or working to not sleep almost magrib. I have ever asked why, and the answer makes me keep awaken and take a bath, wudhu’ and pray magrib.

Sleep is the easiest way for Syaithan to come into human body, when we sleep and neglect to not remember Allah, so that Syaithan is easy to come into the dream and disturb our feeling indeed. The conditions usually happen when we sleep in the magrib time especially, there are so many Syaithans hanging out and finding their power from the darkness at that time. Therefore, that’s why we are taught before sleeping or whenever to not forget praying and ask Allah’s protect. Try to wudhu’ first, so that Syaithan will not be able break through our defense.

Hopefully, we are always in His best guard. Amiin. 

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